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Increase your Engagement with our Programs
We help you with employee for employee engagement and customer engagement and rewards with the help of 200+ brands.
Applaud Your Distributors
We are their to provide you with features that would help you distribute various kinds of rewards and Incentives to your distributors
Launch Your Campaign
We provide you with API integrations as well as facilities to launch your own e-mail rewards distribution Campaigns
Applaud Your Distributors
We are their to provide you with features that would help you distribute various kinds of rewards and Incentives to your distributors

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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Increase your Engagement With Our Programs
We help you with employees for employee and customer engagement rewards with the help of 200+ brands
Meet Budgetree
Strengthen engagement and paticipation with “budgetree”
What we provide
We provide assistance in rewards and incentives,engagement and payouts.

Budgetree addresses the needs of everyone in the business


Rewards and Incentives

Leverage rewards and incentives to improve employee engagement and help everyone stay connected virtually



Engage and retain your loyal customers with exclusive rewards delivered instantly. Make quick refunds and rebates that builds trust.



Send money to any bank accounts, UPI ID, wallets or virtual digital cards. Pay your contract workers, vendors, do customer refunds, incentivise your sales team, instantly 24/7


Reward Market Place

Customize the storefront with your brand aesthetics and craft the custom brands to give a delightful redemption experience for end-users, Integrate marketplace within your applications and complete the redemption loop.

Power Customer
Engagement through

Join in for building excellent loyalty rewards program
application which isn't limited to transactional
rewards but, foster engagement through referrals


Increase Engagement
Drive customer engagement through a smart and rewarding referral program that lets your customer not just make repeat purchase but recommend your brand to others too!
Customized Approach
Get started with tailored to give your loyal customers multiple reasons for spreading a positive word about your brand, amongst their friends and family.
Create Brand Advocates
Reward your customers with exclusive perks on sharing referral codes to their friends and family

A Unique VIP Program
to Reward your Exclusive

Recognize and reward your loyal customers
through a distinctive loyalty program platform
tailored to your business requirements.
Encourage your regular customers and keep
them coming back


Joining Rewards
Let your customers feel they're valued right from the time they've just joined in your business loyalty program. Provide rewards on every customer signup and grip them from the first instance
Exclusive Loyalty Program
Landing PageWilling to have a separate landing page for the exclusive customer loyalty rewards program? We've got you covered! Get a complete customized landing page with everything you need stuffed under just one page
Flexible Settings
Build flexible loyalty rewards programs platform with smart settings which can be amended anytime you wish to! Set everything altered to customer requirements and make changes as and when required.



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